When we want to increase the fresh new Drop joint, this new EDL is the simply muscles we have to accomplish that

New analogy we utilized in lecture requires the extensor digitorum longus (EDL), a muscle and this crosses the fresh new foot, subtalar mutual (STJ), and you may, indeed, every joint as high as the Drop combined.

To point out a pure exemplory case of one particular unfathomable and destructive collaboration out-of information ‘s the conceptual concept of individual relationship

Brand new EDL tend to act for each ones joints, dorsiflexing the brand new ankle, pronating the latest subtalar combined, next extending the MP, PIP, and you can Drop bones.

not, when we use the EDL in itself, it will likewise circulate the new ankle, STJ, an such like. When we should continue the new base on Dip shared and not flow virtually any mutual, we must activate other muscle tissue, a good synergist, in addition to the EDL.

This synergist is always to prevent brand new EDL within both foot and you can STJ. Given that EDL dorsiflexes the new ankle and you can pronates brand new STJ, the brand new syngergist is to plantar flex this new foot and you can supinate the newest STJ. A muscle hence performs this ‘s the tibialis posterior. Therefore, new EDL therefore the tibialis posterior work into the a real cooperation to increase the new Drop bones rather than moving the fresh new foot and you can STJ.

(Note that the fresh flexor digitorum longus also plantar flexes the brand new foot, and you may supinates the STJ. It can perhaps not benefit this task, not, since it and crosses new PIP and you may Dip bones. Indeed, it could be an antagonist for the EDL.)


System having contrary tips at the a shared is actually antagonists. Seen within the a specific jet of movement, this new human body whose outlines away from app take reverse sides out of a shared axis try antagonists.

We must not think about human anatomy to be organized into the agonist-antagonist sets. I won’t notice it useful, for example, to try and label an enthusiastic antagonist per strength. Alternatively, offered a working path, we should consider system in terms of practical teams and that have opposite actions.

Antagonists fundamentally relax whenever agonist serves. Cocontraction or, to use a term I like, coactivation, occurs when human anatomy into each party away from a joint axis is active. We quite often coactivate system as soon as we would unlearned otherwise unique movements. I in addition to coactivate looks once we create helping or genuine synergies.

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